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Our Approach

At Perennial SLP, building relationships is at the forefront of our work. Research shows that strong client-clinician rapport has a significant and positive effect on therapy progress!

We deliver compassionate, evidence-based therapy that affects meaningful and lasting growth. Our therapy goals are created in collaboration with the client, and our progress is based on their intrinsic motivation to learn and communicate rather than providing external rewards.


Communication is a human right and we follow a model of therapy that is centered on respect, dignity, and bodily autonomy. Our clinicians presume competence in all of our clients, and start with the mindset that everyone has unique strengths and support needs. 

As neurodiversity-affirming Speech-Language Pathologists, we validate differences, reframe expectations, nurture positive self-identity, promote self-advocacy, and adapt the environment to meet their needs. Our clients of all neurotypes are empowered to be their most authentic, comfortable selves and connect with others on their own terms. 

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