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Children's Cooking Class

What is Responsive Feeding Therapy?


We offer responsive feeding therapy services with a focus on creating positive mealtime experiences that help children develop healthy eating habits and gain independence.


Our goal is to reduce caregiver and child stress around mealtimes, in order to support children and families in developing a healthy and positive relationship with food. Through caregiver coaching and playful intervention, we can help make eating a fun and enjoyable experience.

Responsive Feeding Therapy Values

  • Autonomy:  respect for personal space, agency, and bodily integrity; empowering a person to be in control of their own actions.

  • Relationship: warm and attuned interpersonal connections that contribute to feeling safe and comfortable. 

  • Competence: the individual's perceived sense of having specific skills to manage a situation, as well as their measurable skills related to eating.

  • Intrinsic motivation: a desire to act that is self-driven rather than brought about by external forces such as extrinsic rewards or consequences. 

  • Holism: a focus on the whole person in the context of their families, communities, identities, and cultures. 

For more information on Responsive Feeding, check out the White Paper here.

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